When I first started running, I was a very minimalist runner. With a pair of beaten up running shoes, cotton t-shirt and (shock horror!) cargo trousers, I would happily hit the streets. As the years have passed, I’ve built up a collection of technical clothing (underwear included), shades, gadgets, apps, etc, until I realised I had begun to look like I was leaving the house for combat rather than a quick run around the block. In an attempt to slim down on the gear, I decided to swap out my dangly wired headphones for the Tokyo Bluetooth earphones from Urbanista.

Even more slimline than the neckband style, I could tuck away my phone out of sight (yes, goodbye arm band) and still control it via the earphones. Available in Dark Clown (black), Moon Walk (Grey) or True (off white), these completely wireless earphones connect via Bluetooth easily - a rather robotic, slightly bored sounding woman lets you know the power is on, and when they are connected. I have little ears and often struggle when the body of the earphones fit in or around your ear, but for once the Tokyo’s tucked neatly inside my ear and felt very secure. I tested them out during a guided HIIT class and they held fast during vigorous movement, even with the added sweat, thanks to the water and sweat resistant rating of IPX4.

They are lightweight at only 4.6g per earpiece and will provide you with up to 3 hours continuous playtime, with a stand by time of 100h. When not in use, they sit snuggly in their compact charging case (69 x 30 x 29.5mm and 28.5g). The case allows for changing on the go and can fully charge the earphones up to 3 times, giving you 12-hours of playtime before having to recharge the case (1-hour for a full charge). Strangely, though, there is no battery indicator on either the ear pieces or case, which will catch you out by surprise. The Tokyo allows you to answer/end calls with a press of the right earphone, as well as play/pause music and activate Siri. If it allowed you to skip tracks without asking Siri, that would make the complete package for me. The multifunction button also is the same size as the earpiece, so when you press it it puts pressure on your ear.

A minor gripe was the constant bright flashing from both earphones: in low light it can be annoying for the wearer and probably everyone around you. Make it stop or provide a silicone case to block the light. As for sound quality, you must remember that the signal is sent via Bluetooth, which currently cannot compete with wired quality. There is a slight hiss you can notice on quieter tracks or audio books and the sound is a little flat when compared to its wire counterparts. However, this is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the sake of true wireless-ness.

The Tokyo’s are more than good enough to get you through a workout or commute, the multifunctional button works well, and the compact little charging case is a great touch. RRP £99.00

4 out of 5

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Easy to use

Multifunctional button

Hands free call answering

Protective charging case provides 3 full charges

Case charges up in 1hour


Flashing lights on both earpieces

No battery indictor

Can’t skip tracks with multifunctional button