You might be mistaken for thinking that the natural path for technology is to get smaller and smaller,  however the Crossfade 2 from V-Moda bucked the trend with these striking Hi-Res Bluetooth headphones. So, where to begin? Let’s start with that striking design, constructed from lightweight metal components and high-quality materials, the patented sleek design has been chosen to frame the natural lines of your facial features and minimizes the gap between headphone and ear, the large and wonderfully comfortable padded ear cups allow for long periods of wear without fatigue and provide natural noise cancellation.

The SteelFlex headband can withstand bending flat 10+ times (but we don’t recommend you do it), it is finished with vegan leather and a 3D mesh exterior, the discrete volume, multifunction controls and hidden mic allows for calls and access to voice assistants in Bluetooth mode without detracting from the beauty of the headphones. There are lots of designs to choose from starting with the Matte Black, fresh Matte White and luxurious Rose Gold, optional customised shields, screws and engraving are available too, however, you may need to re-mortgage your house for the latter options.

These headphones have Japanese engineered Hi-Res 50mm dual diaphragm drivers, the patent-pending hexagon shape optimizes force on your head and ears while minimizing gap for the best fit and preventing sound leakage. When using Bluetooth, the Crossfade 2 produce a surprisingly similar sound to when they are used in the wired mode and you will have up to a 10 meter radius to play with, however the wired mode has the edge when used for gaming and DJ performance with no powered EQ, artificial processing or coloured sound. The battery will last for up to 14 hours and if you run out of juice you simply need to plug in the wire, you can pair these headphones to two sources at a time - for example - a smartphone and smartwatch when you are working out. The patented Cliqfold hinge provides a collapsible mechanism that precisely folds the headphones into the small exoskeleton case, the V-Strap lets you organise the cables inside the case and there is plenty of room your USB Drive & Faders earplugs, the carabiner clip makes it easy to attach the case to a bag and the V-ports vents provide ventilation and air circulation for use on stage or working out. The performance of the Crossfade 2 will blow you away for this price range, the sound is immersive with thick throbbing bass, rich layered mid tones and bright high tone, they are a pleasure to listen to, they look sick and are built to last. Whether you are on stage, online or in the gym, you can’t go wrong with these. RRP £280

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5 out of 5


Striking and stylish design

High quality components and materials

Excellent sound quality


Wired or unwired

Discrete buttons

Customisable options (for a price)