WOW create a whole host of water based inflatable fun, the majority of products being things you have to grip onto for dear life whilst being pulled along the water by a boat, any crazy outdoor party needs to be accompanied by some awesome tunes and WOW have got you covered. The WOW-Sound is made for all the hazards of the outdoors, it is fully waterproof, shockproof and dustproof (IP67 definition is it is totally protected against dust ingress and protected against short periods of immersion in water, waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. It has a unique 360-degrees omnidirectional shape, it looks slightly alien putting me in mind of the little creatures from the film Batteries Not Included, this shape isn’t just for fun however it means it will float as well as fit in any of WOW products cup holders. It has four 2” active speakers spaced evenly around the unit to ensure the sound reaches you no matter where you are floating at the time and it also has one 4” passive radiator on top to ramp up the bass.

To provide a little illumination and increase visibility in low light the WOW-Sound includes a 360-degree LED lamp with three brightness settings, it also comes with a sweet little inflatable holder (like a rubber ring you would put a child in) for rough waters or busy pools and a little inflatable phone holder which is also waterproof (IPX8), snow-proof, dust-proof and sand-proof  with full touch screen capabilities and clear front and back allowing to take pictures and videos. Other features include a carry handle, over 50+ hours of battery life from a single charge, maximum Sound Level of 100dB, Bluetooth connection and multi connection ability so you can link up more than one WOW-Sound. There are large buttons on the unit that can be used to play, pause or skip songs as well as adjust the volume, i liked the idea of multifunction buttons but in this case it cause a bit of a issue as if you press the “+ or “–” too quickly it will automatically skip the song, it is counterintuitive and friends and family will probably end up skipping songs when they want to change the volume, two extra buttons would be better in this instance. Lastly, the sound quality, the WOW-Sound provides some serious volume and powerful bass however the mid-tones are a little flat (possible due to the Bluetooth compression) whilst the high-tone are quite sharp at times. Not one for the audiophiles but this robust speaker will provide decent enough background tunes whilst you enjoy your day out. RRP $229.99

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Powerful bass


Waterproof, dust- proof and shock- proof

Inflatable ring

Inflatable, waterproof smartphone case

50+ hour battery life

Can be left outside all year round


LED Light


Flat mid tones, sharp high tones

Multifunctional buttons counterintuitive