At this time of year, you never know what the weather might throw at you from one hour to the next, at the same time it is not always possible to simply shut yourself away on bad weather days, especially with a young family. It is important for both mind and body to get some daylight throughout the winter months. The BundleBean Go has added a new design to the Go collection, a sweet and playful Polar Bear family against a soft sage background, it looks beautiful and wintery, and will keep your little one cosy and protected against the harsh winter weather. The Go is a multi-use footmuff made from a tough waterproof material that fits securely to all pushchairs, bike seats, rear facing car seats, front style baby carriers and wheelchairs. It can also be opened out completely flat so it can be used as a loose blanket, travel picnic blanket or a play mat so you can pop them down wherever, knowing they will be on a clean and dry surface. The versatile accessory is a must-have for busy, active families who prefer one high quality product to dozens of specific items. The BundleBean GO fits all children up to about 4 years old, and its good quality construction gives you faith that it is durable enough to last the years. If polar bears aren’t your thing, there is also the choice between flamingos, geckos and elephants. Constructed from 100% Polyester, the outside is a waterproof but flexible material, and the inside is a soft fleecy lining and it can be safely washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. It is so easy to attach with long adjustable elasticated straps, you can strap it down tightly on cold days or leave it looser for milder days and when you are done using it, it can be rolled up into a compact little bundle and stowed away in the travel bag protecting your other things from any water that maybe on it. We love this versatile product, it will become a firm staple in your going out kit, allowing you to still get out and about even on the nastiest of days. RRP £34.99

5 out of 5

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Waterproof and warm

4 styles

Compact when not in use

Easy to attach

Compatible with pushchairs, bike seats, rear facing car seats, front style baby carriers and wheelchairs