The Australian company ergoPouch was founded in 2008 by sleep deprived mother, Alina Sack. Her son who was a rather difficult sleeper kept the family up at night, so she decided to make a him the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag and the household finally got some sleep. From there they have gone on to make a variety for sleep wear products - the Cocoon Swaddle bag allows for the comfort of swaddling without the necessary origami skills, this award-winning 2 in 1 baby swaddle sleep bag is designed to be both effortless to use for the adults and difficult to escape from for the baby, as long as you can work a zip, you can operate this bag. It has been designed for those babies who like a little freedom or are transitioning to arms out sleeping, the patented poppers create armholes that can be used to convert from a swaddle to a sleeping bag. All ergoPouch products are made from natural fibres and soft organic cotton and equally skin friendly bamboo lining that make them nice and breathable. There are four colours to choose from and three TOG options available, 0.2, 1.0 and 2.5 TOG, which means you can use the Cocoon Swaddle throughout the year. The bell-shaped bottom (I have one of those too) is recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as hip healthy, allowing for healthy hip development, and the two-way zipper means you have easy access to the danger zone for changing nappies whilst the little chin guard keeps the cold zip off their skin. The ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle is beautifully made, it is lovely and soft as well as straightforward to operate, a good choice to help those wriggly little monsters (and everyone else in the house) get a decent night’s sleep. RRP £39.99

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5 out of 5


Premium constructions

Attractive prints

4 designs, 3 TOG and 2 sizes to choose from

Poppers form arm holes

Chin guard

Zip access to change nappies

Swaddling comfort