When you have a new baby you will be amazed at the skills you acquire, including being able to do anything from making a cup of tea to preparing a baby bottle with just one hand, using a baby carrier is an option to free up both hands, making life a little easier and keeping baby snug and close at the same time.

The Baby Carrier from Fornessi is so soft you can’t help but touch it, it comes in Charcoal, Fine and Large Stripes, Mint Green, Pistachio, Coral Blossom, Pastel Yellow, Dove, Blush, Duck Egg Blue and Golden Primrose. All these soft, muted colours have been carefully chosen and whichever you choose will look lovely, until its covered in baby fluids, thankfully it is machine washable, it’s recommended to use a regular 30° wash cycle however for heavier staining you can use a 40 °cycle once in a while, it is also tumble dryer safe.

This carrier is breastfeeding friendly, it can provide skin to skin time and is suitable from birth/8lb up to one year/11kg (for pre-term, low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek health professional advice), it is made from organic eco-friendly 100% Modal fabric and non-toxic dyes. The Modal fibres are produced by the award-winning Eco Soft technology, offering a softness to textiles while remaining eco-friendly, these wraps are also fully accredited by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, it aids healthy hip development and supports the rounded ‘C’ shape of new-born’s spine.

There are downloadable instructions on how to safely and securely wear the carrier as well as an instructional video with trouble shooters on their website. The

material is stretchy so it needs to be put on tightly, this creates a comforting cocoon effect where baby can smell your skin and feel your heartbeat, whilst you can still move around freely and use both hands in whatever task you are doing. It might take a little time to get the hang of putting it on and unlike other carriers it only supports the chest to chest front facing position, however if a sling style baby carrier is something you would like to try the Fornessi is a great choice, soft, breathable, stretchy and in a lovely choice of colours. RRP £59

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4.5 out of 5


Super soft


Beautiful colours

Eco-friendly fabric and non-toxic dyes

Supports the rounded 'C' shape of newborn's spine

Fully accredited by the hip dysplasia institute

Designed for babies from birth to one year / 11kg

No harmful chemicals

Comfortable and supportive

Safety tested to the highest safety standards


Chest to Chest Only