It’s obvious that new parents are in for some serious life adjustments when a new baby comes along but it is also a huge adjustment for baby too, imagine spending nine months falling asleep to the same sounds, light and temperature conditions and then being expected to sleep in a totally different atmosphere, I don’t even like switching sides of the bed. Little Sophie from myHummy is here to help ease baby through this transition by using white and pink noises to help soothe and comfort baby into sleep. If you haven’t heard about pink noise before it is slightly different to white noise in that it is smoother across all frequencies whereas white noise focuses on higher end frequencies, both are effective at inducing sleep, which comes down to personal preference. Sophie (part of the Sleepheart family) is very cute in her little pink dress whilst Sam, her male counterpart comes in blue, you can avoid the gendered colours with the Sweetheart or Smartheart families who come in a green/blue design (although the boys are still in shorts and the girls are still in dresses). Measuring up at 31 cm x 13 cm (12 in x 5 in), she is super soft and comes with a gift of an attachment ring to hook her on to the cot or pram and can also be doubled up as a teether. Another clever extra that is included with Sophie is the portable Humming Heart pouch – meaning that you don't necessarily need to take the big bear with you out and about but you can pop the Humming Heart into the pouch and take it with you instead.

The sleep sensor Humming Heart is powered by three AAA batteries (not included) and is removable so Sophie can be popped in the washing machine for a freshen up. You can choose between white noise, pink noise, rainfall, ocean waves or heartbeat. The Sleep Sensor will react to when baby cries and plays a whopping 60 minutes of sound followed by a gentle fade out, you can set a 12-hour standby mode (this can have a big drain on battery life so we recommend two sets of good-quality rechargeable batteries) and control the volume with 15 different levels (depending on the chosen sound). If you are not co-sleeping, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to activate myHummy from the bedroom door or further away depending on the layout of the house and connectivity strength and if you are co-sleeping you may find that you benefit from these sounds too. Sophie can be controlled via the one-button operation or Bluetooth connection, constructed with baby- and toddler-safe fabrics and design and a generous choice of sounds and playtime make her a great way to soothe the little on to sleep as well as providing a cuddly friend when they are up and about. RRP £79.99 (Bluetooth models, Sleep Sensor models: £59.99)

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4.5 out of 5


5 sound options

60 minutes’ playtime

12-hour standby mode

Sleep sensor

One-button operation or Bluetooth connection

Machine washable

Attachment/teething ring

15 adjustable volume levels


Batteries not included