Even though I have recently level upped into fully fledged grown-up (turned 30 AND got married in the same year), all my clothes feature at least one of three things: the colour black, rips. or skulls.  Although my Mum thinks I should grow up, I’m ok with that. Being in the same position as a lot of people my age who are newly married, we are preparing for the next step (no, not divorce), the pitter patter of tiny financial burdens. So, imagine my utter delight when I discovered in amongst the cute cartoon animals and delicate flowery prints, I found The Rebel, from Rose and Rebellion emblazoned with mad eyed skulls and blood-red roses.

This rock and roll baby carrier lets you get about hands free AND keep one little scrap of your individuality whilst the rest is being flattened under the label of parent. Suitable from 3.5kg – 20kg this lightweight carrier weighs only 450grams and can be packed down into a compact good quality travel case. It features lovely thick padded shoulder straps, an adjustable chest strap that keeps your child strapped safely in place, the straps can be crossed for alternative wearing options. The body is long and offers full support from little baby into toddler, and for when they nod off there is a built-in sleep hood that gives additional head support and comfort.

There is a three part fully integrated waistband for comfort, security and lumbar support, the heavy-duty buckles with patented Slick Click latching mechanism and thoughtful ergonomic design feel secure, they take a bit of pressure to open, but this is reassuring rather than a problem. The Rebel adopts a versatile strap system to fit varying body shapes, the waistband extends to a maximum of 50 inches and the wide seat base places the baby in a more natural and comfortable position, it is easy to put on and adjust whilst wearing. Importantly, it is machine washable for those inevitable messy moments. You can even avoid getting into trouble with the in-laws by switching the carrier into the reversible plain black material, however if you are anything like me, you might look forward to seeing the look on their faces when they first glance their little grandchild wrapped up like a hells angel. Its not just the design I love, it is packed full of features to keep both adult and baby comfortable and leaves your hands free for doing things like shredding up a fender or getting more ink added to your sleeve. RRP £79.99

4.8 out of 5

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Awesome Gothic design


Easy to put on and adjust

Suitable from baby to toddler

Integrated sleep hood

Machine washable


Three part fully integrated waistband for comfort security and lumbar support

Versatile strap system

Wide seat base