The Chariot Lite is not just a bicycle trailer, it can be adjusted with accessories to cover four outdoor activities, cycling, jogging, strolling and skiing. Yes! SKIIING! It folds down and clicks into a compact piece, 85.5 x 62 x 37.5cm, the wheels come off meaning you can get it into the boot of even small cars and it is surprisingly lightweight at only 11.7kg (just 7.5kg without the wheels) making it easier to store and carry with you. The Chariot Lite uses the Thule VersaWing system, this enables you to quickly convert between the activities, regardless of the what kit you are switching between It also has a good suspension system to make the ride comfortable for both driver and passenger. The Thule Click n’ Store feature provides an on-board storage of strolling, jogging, and cycling kit while changing between activities which is a great little touch and reduces the need for excess bags or rocking up to lunch in your padded cycling shorts.

The Chariot Lite comes with the bicycle trailer kit and strolling kit, surprisingly not everyone needs the skiing kit so if you are lucky enough to have that sort of lifestyle you can blooming well buy it separately. Suitable for one child with up to a 34kg weight capacity with a shoulder width of 39.5cm, sitting height of 68 cm and will pass through a 63.4 cm door, it features a 5-point safety harness that meets safety standards and comes in either Blue Grass/Black styles. It is super easy to put together, it feels strong and has a good quality construction and it moved smoothly over the variety of terrains we tested it on. It’s nippy and easy to manoeuvre, and if you are using the bike you can lock up your bike, unclip the stroller and push it around the shops. The Thule Chariot Lite is an excellent choice for active lifestyles and is wonderfully versatile, letting you add the right accessories for your lifestyle, each one as high quality as the other. It’s simply a pleasure to use. RRP £590

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5 out of 5


Great manoeuvrability

Strong and durable

Easy to assemble

Folds down into a compact piece

Versatile-Run, Bike, Stroll and Ski

Click n’ Store

Thule VersaWing system

Great suspension