Although toddlers are considered small when compared to say a baby elephant, if you end up having to carry one when their legs inexplicably stop working it can be hard to believe they don’t in fact weigh the same as a baby elephant. Switching a child between piggy backs, riding your shoulders and balancing on your hips is enough to make you feel like you are performing a workout whilst traditional child carriers can be bulky, hot and difficult to load and unload your child into. The TushBaby is an innovative product that combines a child carrier with a bum bag, this compact device comes in the form of a wide 47" hip belt that fastens via a large strip of Velcro and one safe and sturdy, adjustable buckle. It is made from a washable, high-quality fabric and YKK zips, there is a plush pad around the abdomen for the carrier whilst the seat is lined with memory foam and an anti-slip fabric patch to create a comfy spot for the little one to park their butt. There are no straps to fuss around which makes loading and unloading a breeze but this does mean you will have to sacrifice at least one hand to hold them in place, however this is still one hand less than would be required if they were sat on your shoulders.

Another joy of toddlers is the sheer amount of crap they come with, thankfully there is loads of storage available for nappies, baby wipes and snacks for example, with a generous pocket beneath the seat, zip closure side pocket, mesh pocket and front loop to that can be used to attach a toy. The TushBaby evenly distributes the child’s weight across your body, preventing back strain, while the supportive ergonomic seat puts your baby’s hips in the paediatric-recommended “M” position. The whole piece weighs less than 1lb, it can be folded and buttoned up for compact storage, it is suitable from newborn up to 3 year olds  (or 44 lbs), with four carrying positions: feeding, side carrying, front facing, and face to face (age depending). The TushBaby is a thoughtfully-designed baby carrier, comfortable for both baby and wearer it takes the strain so you don’t have to whilst providing a convenient space to store a whole heap of gear. RRP $79

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4.8 out of 5


Safe and secure

Quick and easy loading


Machine washable

Memory foam and anti-slip seat

Loads of storage


Compact storage when not in use


Four carrying positions


No storage bag included