As many of you will already know a tiny new human will result in an entire house worth of new products to help them to stay alive, one of those essential space invaders is the car seat, it will basically live in your car for years providing you with the perfect excuse to avoid being the designated driver. This all goes to pot however when your child needs to travel in a different car, carpooling, taxis, babysitters and travelling on holiday all seems like a good idea until you realise, they don’t supply car seats.

The Urban Kanga Portable Safety Car Seat aims to solve this problem by making a car seat you can transport from one car to another, suitable for children weighing 9-18 Kg (20 to 40 lb) and ages approximately 9 months to 4 years. Switching things up from the traditional heavy car seat the Urban Kanga weighs 3kg which is lighter than your average car seat, it is also more compact than most seats and will fit in most standard suitcases. This seat is a forward-facing group 1 universal portable child restraint system, tested and certified to meet ECE R44/04 European safety standard.

The Urban Kanga folds down to become portable and can be carried under one arm, it features a straightforward seat belt routing installation that takes about one minute once you are familiar with the set up and will work with any vehicle with 3-point retractor safety belts. The height is adjustable as the harness has three shoulder height positions whilst the adjustable headrest offers two positions, there are integrated air cushions in the head rest for added safety and comfort as well as a memory foam padded seat.

This seat uses a five-point safety harness with one pull adjustment and comes with a lightweight carry case for convenience, there is a water repellent mesh backrest to prevent discomfort due to perspiration. The carry bag is essential to make transportation easier, no parent has an entire arm free to dedicate to carrying the seat, we would like to see an option of shoulder straps just to free up your hands. Some young children may find the lack of recline difficult to fall asleep in and it isn’t as comfortable as some fixed seats, however as a safety seat in taxi rides, car sharing or trips out with the grandparents it could be just what you need. RRP £129

Current Cheapest Price

3.5 out of 5


Fold and Go

Fits in most standard suitcases

Tested and certified to meet ECE R44/04 European safety standard

Lightweight (3kg)

Compatible with any vehicle with 3-point retractor safety belts

Height adjustable harness and headrest

5-point safety harness with one pull adjustment

Memory foam padded seat

Water repellent mesh backrest


Not as comfortable as regular seats