Ever wondered what you would need to make a cake in a bucket? No? You should get more experimental in the kitchen! If you were to attempt it the Dewalt DCD240X2 54V XR Flexvolt Brushless Paddle Mixer is what you need. If you would rather use it for something more sensible, like mixing up concrete, you know, like is was made for, then it will perform just as successfully (seriously, don’t use this to make a cake, use one of those barrel type mixers, it will look better on Instagram).

The DCN240 Paddle Mixer is ideal for plasterers, tilers, landscapers, flooring contractors and general guilders with a 54V brushless motor that provides the equivalent power of a 2000W mains input corded machine. It has an ergonomic dual handle with critical width and angle dimensions helping to reduce fatigue over longer periods of use. It comes with two DCB547 batteries (one can be used whilst the other recharges), a DCB118 charger, two paddle wrenches, a mixing paddle and a heavy-duty bag to store it away when not in use. The variable speed dial puts you in control for use with a complete range of materials, there are five in total: 1 = 300 RPM, 2 = 450 RPM, 3 = 550 RPM, 4 = 650 RPM and 5 = 725 RPM.

The dual handle has an ergonomic design to give you full control over the device whilst remaining comfortable, with carefully thought out width and angle constructions it keeps tiredness to a minimum in your hands, arms and shoulders. It features a standard M14 paddle connection that connects the 160mm centre pull-down swirl paddle, this design provides quick and consistent mixing. The single-speed mechanical transmission provides the variable speed with a 5 second ramp up and down in all speeds for reducing material spread, keeping it in the bucket and not all over you. The safety lock-off switch minimises the chance accidental starts when on its side or when you are inserting the battery (nothing will make you jump more than setting it off by accident). The Paddle Mixer a is fast, reliable and portable mixer, a great choice for plasterers, tilers, landscapers, flooring contractors and general builders. RRP £619

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5 out of 5


XR FLEXVOLT cordless technology

Variable speed dial with 5 settings

Ergonomic dual handle

160mm centre pull-down swirl paddle

Two batteries and charger included

54V brushless motor

Safety lock