Everyone is out to steal your identity according to my mother; she had a panic when her fitness tracker asked her to submit her date of birth and you should have seen her face when it asked for her weight. However, there are times when it is essential and sometimes lawful that information is kept private. The Fellowes AutoMax 100M Mini-Cut Shredder is a business-grade shredder that features a 100-sheet auto feed and has 10-sheet manual feed shredding capacity (70gsm paper). Measuring up at 64cm H x 39cm W x 37cm D and weighing 13.6kg, it has a 23l bin capacity which means fewer trips to the recycling bin, as it can hold at least 175 sheets, but when it does need emptying it can be pulled out easily.

The anti-jam technology means the AutoMax will automatically stop and go into reverse if there is a paper jam and it can shred through staples, credit cards and paper clips through the manual feed slot, making the process faster and more efficient. It has wheels to help you move it around the office if need be, and features an auto-feed tray which will automatically pull the paperwork in page by page and can shred non-stop for up to 15 minutes, making it ideal for regular use. The paper will be cut into 4 x 10mm mini-cut (Security Level P-4) pieces, it shreds each A4 sheet into over 1000 particles, that is around four times more secure than standard crosscut. The Silentshred keeps the sound to a minimum so you won’t disturb your workmates when it is time to shred, and Sleep Mode saves energy when it is not in use. It makes short work of your paper work and those tiny pieces it creates will please even the most security conscious. RRP £149

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4.5 out of 5


100-sheet auto feed and 10-sheet manual feed shredding capacity (70gsm paper)

4 x 10mm Mini-Cut (Security Level P-4)

Shreds non-stop for up to 15 minutes

Auto Reverse

Silentshred and Sleep Mode

23 litre pull-out bin

Accepts staples, credit cards and paper clips (manual feed slot only)