The OKI Pro8432WT claims to be a break-through in printing technology, it is an A3 white toner printer that prints in any colour including white, and suitable for creative use, graphics arts use and prints on a wide range of media. It uses a combination of High Definition digital LED technology and OKI white toner technology to allow for non-restrictive creativity, as a member of OKI’s White Toner (WT) portfolio it is part of the first digital printer range that lets you print with white toner. Designed for a graphics based industry this print can provide the same speeds as one of OKI’s standard colour digital LED printers and is straight forward to use.

The Pro8432WT utilises digital LED printing technology and a hassle free, flat paper path for ease of printing, it uses Microfine High Definition toner and ProQ Multi-level output quality with 1200 x 600dpi print resolution, it has printing speeds of 35ppm for A4 plain paper and 20ppm for A3 plain paper. The Pro8432WT hopes to remove the issues that arise the in traditional CMYK printing processes letting you print solid white, it can also be used in a combination with transfer media to let you print onto dark backgrounds, dark coloured garments and other hard surfaces as well as producing white graphic and lettering onto transfers. Suitable for in-house printing, you can make merchandise as well as graphics, it can print on paper sizes from A6 to A3 and weights of up to 256gsm and has a standard 400-sheet paper supply. We found the OKI Pro8432WT straightforward to set up, it takes up some space with 44.9cm x 55.2cm x 36.0cm dimensions, you can print a good-sized image on a t-shirt or tote bag, and sharp graphics on other media.

The t-shirts it produces aren’t perfect after a few washes cracks in the graphics began to appear and during the print there were a few occasions when there were little blobs of ink in the image, as a regular printer it worked just fine but don’t rely on it to create yourself long last, high quality merchandise.  RRP £2995

3.6 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


CMYW - A first for digital printing

Bright sharp graphics on paper

Versatile media

Straightforward to set up


Garment print quality diminishes over time