With many of us spending way too much time on our backsides, it is important to try to be as active as possible in day to day life to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but how do you do that when your life style consists of 7-9hours-a-day sat at a desk at work? Varidesk has made it their mission to tackle this problem head on but creating active workspaces, allowing the user to work either standing or sitting and to quickly change between the two positions.

The Exec 40 has been designed for the taller user, currently available in just black it will accommodate users of 6’1” and taller (I will need a step ladder). The 40 in the name represents the 40inch width desk space you have to cover in half drunk cups of coffee and out of date paper work, it has a 28inch depth and will raise up to a max height of 19.5inches with nine different height settings to choose from and it will hold up to 35lb in weight. One of the best things is that the Exec 40 arrives fully built so, no awkward construction manuals or fiddly assembly to content with, the downside to this however is that the package is very big and heavy, you will need to grab a work mate or two to help you get it into the office and in position.

Once popped on top of your existing desk the Exec 40 is very stable thanks to the weighted base, you won’t need to modify your original desk use screws, clamps or bolts of any kind, even when fully extended it feels completely stable. It features a two-tiered design with space for dual monitors on the upper or a laptop and monitor while the slide out lower surface can be used for a full-size keyboard and mouse. To adjust the height, you simply squeeze the dual handles either side of the desk and lift or push down, the spring-loaded mechanism makes light work of whatever clutter you have on you desk and moves it with smooth motions that won’t risk spilling your cuppa. The Varidesk Exec 40 isn’t the most elegant of office furniture, but it is super practical and can completely shake up working day, get on your feet and use your body as well as your brain. RRP £495

Current Cheapest Price

4.8 out of 5


Arrives fully assembled

Two tires

Dual monitor compatible

9 height level

Quick and easy to adjust height

Sturdy even at full height

Smooth spring-loaded mechanism


Only available in black

Not the most attractive