Vitrex was born in 1939 to Gaston Florin after initially developing a range of hand tools during World War II. The very first plastic DIY products to be sold under the Vitrex brand were launched during the 1950s, and from there the company have continued to grow, establishing Vitrex as a leading brand in DIY. The Pro 630mm Tile Cutter is a compact and lightweight tile cutter that lets you cut tiles to shape to design your own home, using a simple score and snap technique for preparation. It is compact and lightweight, featuring a rigid steel construction with an adjustable cutting guide. The cutting wheel is constructed from a durable Tungsten Carbide, which ensures consistent use throughout its lifetime.

The 630mm is suitable for cutting wall, floor and ceramic tiles up to 13mm thick, the compact design means you can easily store it away when not in use without taking up vast amounts room in the shed or garage and the lightweight structure helps you move it between rooms or around your work station with ease. For an extended life expectancy, the cutting wheel is fully replaceable, simply go on the website and order a 102385 to help you get years of continued use out of your Pro 630mm. Straight cuts are possible on tiles up to 630mm square whilst diagonal cuts possible on tiles up to 445mm square, it is very easy to use but will take a little pressure to break the tile after scoring and the base could do with being a bit stronger to give you more purchase. Most of the tiles turned out with clean cuts however a few had slight wobbles along the edge although we believe this wouldn’t be visible once laid, to make things even tidier we would like to see a carry bag or protective case included. If you are an absolute perfectionist or planning on using the Pro 630mm very frequently it maybe worth investing in a different product but for decorating your own home, it is entirely capable. RRP £147.23

Current Cheapest Price

3.8 out of 5


Easy to use

Replaceable cutting wheel

Durable materials

Compact and lightweight

Suitable for wall, floor and ceramic tiles up to 13mm


Base could be stronger

No storage case/bag