After being formed in 1947 Wagner produced its first ever paint spraying gun in 1953 and are still making them over 60 years later, the Universal Spray System W 590 FLEXiO is a flexible sprayer for interior and exterior use. Created for larger projects where you want to spray both internal walls and other surfaces, there are two spray attachments one for low viscosity materials and one for high, and it can be used to paint walls, wood and metal. It features an X-Boost turbine that can be used to spray all conventional materials, undiluted, using the innovative I-Spray nozzle, you can adjust the amount of air and paint you are spraying. The spray jet can be set to a horizontal and vertically position depending on the direction you are working with including a detailed jet for wood and metal paints it also come with a carry case, which proved rather difficult to close, you need to get the edges lined up perfectly and I can see me getting fed up and trying to smash it closed…especially if I am hungry at the time. Alongside the FLEXiO we received the Wagner Universal Extra Masking Kit Premium and this included one cover foil, 4 x 6m for the floor and furniture, one Premium painter's adhesive tape 20 m x 36 mm and one masking film with adhesive tape 20 m x 0.55m for the walls, which apparently adheres optimally to the object through electrostatic charging on the film’s strip. The masking kit is practical but nothing special, you may as well throw it in the only basket whilst getting the FLEXiO at the same time.

The FLEXiO works well and is straightforward to use however the spray-system has some tatty edges and could do with a cleaner finish, but, if using water-based paint, it is much easier to clean than a brush or roller & tray. It can initially be difficult to get the right consistency and spray ratios, meaning you might get some splatter marks that need to be rolled out for a clean finish. However, this problem might improve with practice (a few pieces of scrap cardboard should help improve your marksmanship). Also: the 800ml pot – recommended for wood & metal paints - is too small for larger projects, so you may want to use the larger 1300ml attachment instead, otherwise you will be refilling it - a lot.  RRP £149.99

3.5 out of 5

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Easy to set up and use

When it works it works well


Difficult to clean

Can get big blobs and splatter

Tatty edges