Snooper DVR-WF1 
If you have a road accident that was someone else’s fault, what is there to protect you is it becomes your word against theirs? Very little, unless you have a dash cam. Dash cams have become a popular and commonplace accessory for drivers, designed to protect you in the case of incident by recording footage of your journey. With so many dash cams on the market, how do you pick one? Snooper were kind enough to send us the DVR WF1 to check out. 
One immediately agreeable detail about the DVR WF1 is its size. This dash cam is small, and goes for width rather than length, meaning it can easily tuck behind your rearview mirror. This avoids the need to clutter your window and obscure your view, thus improving your safety in comparison to less discreet dash cams. Despite its small size, it captures footage at a wide angle – it basically records everything you can see through your windscreen! 
Another point in the Snooper DVR-WF1's favour is its GPS. This GPS is extremely accurate, giving reliable feedback on your location and speed, which is the sort of information you’re going to want at your disposal if someone else is making different claims. Using the PC Player software, you can even view this data in Google Maps! 
Out of sight, out of mind – you don’t even need to remember to turn this dash cam on, which is a blessing given that it’s tucked behind your rearview, as I would never remember to do it! Instead, it automatically starts recording when you turn the ignition. Just as cleverly, it can also detect an incident and isolate 30 seconds of footage surrounding it, to make sure you preserve everything you need. In total, the camera’s micro-SD have 8MB of memory on it, and you can easily download your footage onto your computer. Naturally, you can also upgrade this micro-SD to one with higher memory. 
Finally, this dash cam comes with an accompanying app that makes it extremely easy to use. With the app, you can not only view your footage, but can adjust the camera’s settings without needing to disrupt it from its spot. Set it and forget it! 
Discreet positioning 
High-definition 1080p 
Automatic accident and event recording 
150° viewing angle 
GPS enabled 
Footage easy to view and download 
8GB micro-SD card 
Can take larger micro-SD cards 
No subscription fees 

The DVR WF1 Snooper camera tucked behind a rearview mirror