Parliament Wallet 
$89. Add tracker +$34

Ekster are a well-established brand in wallets that are not only highly attractive, but smartly designed, including modern features. We received the Parliament Wallet in Classic Brown. It’s also available in Nappa Black, Roma Cognac (a sort of tan), Juniper Green, Merlot Red or Steel Blue. Every colour option is gorgeous, including the classics, and I was an instant fan of the tradition, dark brown leather we were sent. 
You can immediately tell the quality of this leather, both from its look and how it feels. Ekster says that its leather is tanned under gold-rated environmental protocols using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan™ technology, which is as much about a limiting impact on the environment as it is about achieving that high-quality end result. 
On top of being a neat and compact design that fits easily in your hand, this wallet is extra tidy and extra appealing due to how it stores your cards. Rather than layered pockets that fill up bulk and hiding your appealing wallet with the less appealing designs of various bank cards, the Parliament Wallet holds all of your cards in a back section where none of them are visible to the wider world. This not only looks better, but is also safer, as they aren’t visible to others, and they’re held securely in a way that prevents them from falling out. Instead, if you want a card, you simply press a butter at the bottom of your wallet and they all pop out, evenly and helpfully fanned. 

To boost the security of you wallet even higher, Ekster produces tracking cards: this attaches to the inside sleeve of the Parliament Wallet, and using Chipolo® Technology, will allow you to track the location of your wallet up to 60 miles. Whether you drop it, lose it or have it stolen, it is unlikely that you and your wallet are going to end up out of range to each other before you’re able to find it or let someone know. You can even ring your wallet via the tracker, which means if some well-meaning person has picked it up, it’ll be all the easier to arrange a collection. Fantastically, this chip is solar powered, and three hours of charge will last it two-three months, so assuming your wallet is in regular use, it should never run out of power. 

Even without the tracker, this is a fantastic wallet: it looks incredible, it feels just as good, it slips easily into even small pockets, and you’re able to store a deceptive number of cards in it without bulking it up or making a mess. Your cards are protected from scuffing, falling out or being peeped on by others, and the way they’re fanned out for you when you press the button release is incredibly satisfying (and helpful). 
My only minor issue with the wallet was that, upon opening it, I found a series of small dusty white marks on the leather surface. I was worried that something had happened to it, but I quickly found that these easily brush off and don’t leave any lasting effects on the leather in any way. The powder had come from the appealing-looking Ekster-branded paper that the wallet came wrapped in – a little fallout from the lettering. Whilst a small design flaw in this paper, there was no damage done to the wallet, so if you make the same discovery, panic not. 
Combined with the tracking chip, this is everything one could want in a wallet, and the range of colours really do mean there’s one for everyone. I’m a sucker for an attractive, classic leather accessory, so I’m hoping the bosses let me hold on to this one. 
Pros:  ekster wallet, open, with cards displayed
Fantastic quality of leather 
Range of gorgeous colours 
Looks and feels great 
Compact. Fits in your hand and pockets. 
Stores cards safely 
Hides cards from view 
Button-release fans cards out for you 
Has all the sections you could need 
Tracking chip shows on GPS up to 60 miles 
Can call your tracking chip 
Some dusty fallout from its packing paper, but it brushes off without a trace