If you are anything like the rest of the UK at moment, you may have just dragged yourself through dry January or even currently attempting to abstain from alcohol for lent, so it would be easy to forget how your toleration levels may have changed when you do go back to drinking. Becoming more of a light weight can be funny to your mates and gentle on your wallet but where it becomes dangerous it the morning after, alcohol in your system can affect your judgement and ability to drive even when you feel sober. The AlcoSense Ultra uses the same 200mm² professional fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US & European Police Breathalysers, it comes with 100 Mouthpieces and a protective carry case. The Ultra is more than twice as accurate as award winning AlcoSense Elite, it has a selectable database of all drink drive limits worldwide and allows you to download results to your PC. It is extremely easy to use and the BlowCoach (best name ever btw), this gives you real time feedback on how you’re blowing (must resist so many possible puns), just keep the top pressure bar in the middle, and keep going until the bottom volume bar is full for a accurate reading. If you get it wrong the Ultra will let you know what you did wrong and how to avoid it next time instead of just an error reading.

The AlcoSense Ultra uses a professional grade sampling system to ensure that only deep lung air (this is the most accurate part of the breath) is measured by the sensor, the memory recall will store 128 results in its on-board memory with date and time stamps, you can download these using USB and AlcoSense’s software for record keeping. If you are a traveller you can use the AlcoSense Ultra to make sure you are always under the limit, just by selecting the country/region you’re driving in it will then set the limit, unit of measure and blood breath conversion ratio to allow accurate readings, should the limit change the unit can be updated via a software download, you can even set your own self-imposed limit, half the drink drive limit for example. The Ultra has a full colour 1.8inch (48mm) TFT screen which provides clear and detailed readings, if you’re close to or over the limit it will alert you not to drive. Other features include the Time Until Sober & Retest Alarm, this lets the Ultra calculate how long it may take until you’ll be sober and provide you with a reminder to re-test again later. The Ultra will also let you know when re-calibration is due (after 12 months of the first use), alert you if the it goes outside its operation temperature of 5°C-40°C as this can affect results and there is a protection mode to prevent sensor saturation. The police grade sensor the Ultra uses means you know you can trust the accuracy and reliability of the readings and with so many functions and ease of use there is no reason for you to ever put yourself or other road users in danger. RRP £249.99

There are other extremely accurate fuel cell breathalysers in the AlcoSense range at prices starting from £99.99 for the AlcoSense Excel.  Other non fuel cell breathalysers are at lower price points than that too e.g. the AlcoSense Elite at £59.99.  In fact, the range starts at £2.99 for a twin pack of the single use breathalyser.  There is a comparison chart here showing the whole range here:  

5 out of 5

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Police grade sensor

Easy to use with BlowCoach

Clear display

Stores 128 results

Download results with software

Worldwide limits

Re-calibration alerts

Over saturation protection