The Double Tour Band has been specifically designed for Apple Watch, it comes in two sizes 38mm and 42mm and is available in three colours, Black, Brown and Red. The 38mm fits a wrist size of 135 - 180mm and the 42mm fits 165 - 210mm. The Double Tour is constructed from genuine leather for a classic, versatile look that will compliment multiple styles. On the inside of the band there is a soft Microfiber lining that is comfortable against the skin, prevents irritation from moisture and rubbing. Casetify has created the band to seamlessly fit all new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 1, it has a 2-in-1 approach which means you can choose between wearing it as a single band or as a wrap-around band for a different and layered look, just by switching up the attachments. The bands come in a smart looking box, similar to what you would expect from a high-end jewellery brand, however when you handle to box it doesn’t feel as high quality as it looks…although no one ever buys anything for the packaging it can often be an early indicator of the quality of the product inside. At least the box can be recycled but the same cant be said for the foam padding inside which appears to be the only reason the box is as large as it is. The seam on padded cushion the band was wrapped around had split open with the stuff exposed which immediately rang alarms bells as the potential quality of stitching on the band. However, the band and metal clasp appear well made with a tight, clean stitch, the leather is soft and doesn’t crinkle or crease when wearing it. It is easy to attach to your Apple Watch by simply sliding into the connecting ports on either side of the watch and when attached it feels secure, our impression of the Casetify Double Tour Apple Watch Band is that it will bring a traditional and elegant look to a modern device, just ignore the cheap packaging. RRP £65.31

4 out of 5

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Three colours available

38mm or 42mm

Wear it as a wrap-around or single band

Soft microfiber lining   

High quality stitching


Cheap, oversized packaging