Some (extremely strange) people will hear their alarm go off in the morning, wake up instantly and spring out of bed. Normal people like me will have a minimum of three alarms on their phone, all set up to snooze multiple times before they finally drag themselves out of the warm clutches of their bed. Worse still, some morning I not only sleep through my alarms, but somehow manage turn them off in a semi-conscious state. It’s like my bed and my brain are in cahoots to make mornings as difficult as possible.

The team behind Clocky discovered stats suggesting that a whopping 40% of people abuse their snooze button, so they set about creating a fool-proof answer to this daily problem. If you want to turn your alarm off, you will have to find it first. Clocky is a compact little dude at 5.25"x3.5"x3.5", so it can fit on your nightstand without taking up too much room. It is available in eight funky colours, and has two large and chunky rubber wheels either side of its body.

Clocky is simple to set up, no instructions needed: it takes 4 AAA batteries (not included) and has a large display that will light up at a touch of the snooze button. Clocky will come to life in the morning - the audio is cute and gentle, like R2-D2, whilst easily loud enough to wake you up - but that’s not the best bit; Clocky will then activate its wheels and run away from you. Clocky is durable enough to jump from three feet and run off across your bedroom floor. It can handle most surfaces, although thick carpet might prove too challenging. Clocky will roll around the floor, randomly changing direction so you never know where it might end up each morning.

I really enjoyed using this alarm - it is probably the first thing to put a smile on my face in the morning since the all-inclusive breakfast buffet I had in Wales three years ago. One massive downside to this cool little clock is the amount of juice it gets through running around your carpet: our premium batteries lasted just two weeks, and at this rate it could prove an expensive gadget. I would much rather pay a higher one-off fee for a built-in rechargeable battery than replace the batteries and reset the time and alarm every two weeks. Clocky is a great idea, but an upgrade of the battery design is a must. RRP £40

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3.8 out of 5



Loud alarm

Easy to use

Snooze proof


Eight colours available

Jumps from three foot


Appalling battery life