We have always had a soft spot for the Doro phones, sure they might not be the fastest or most up-to-date phones on the market, but the effort they go to ease people like my old man, (who wouldn’t have even be able to switch on a phone before) into the modern world is very thoughtful. I mean he still can’t send a text but he can answer a call…eventually!!! The 8035 has attempted to keep up with the fast pace evolution of smartphones, it offers a choice between a traditional Android interface and Doro's highly intuitive, action-based interface that makes navigating blindingly simple, it comes with Google Assistant who can help you out with a whole host of tasks with just the use of your voice. It also keeps track of the actions you use most often.

The initial set up if unbelievably user friendly, teaching you what and why the phone works as it does, this lets you get the perfect set up for you and your needs, including visual and hearing settings from the get-go saving you from having to hunt through the menus or attempt to interpret the user manual. Its overall look of the phone probably won’t blow you away, but the plastic materials helps to keep the weight down, the 5 inch screen is clear and functional without out being too big in your hands and we liked the Blue colour scheme too.

There is a built-in assistance button enabling direct contact with your chosen emergency contacts or convenience services in your area, this is activated by either holding the button for five seconds or hitting it three time consecutively (Beetlejuice style) which makes it very unlikely it will be accidently activated through daily use. All the usual suspects are included, GPS, email, torch and camera, however the 5MP+2MP produces rather underwhelming photos, we would love to see this improved as there are many grandparents out there who love to take photos of the grandchildren or use video calls to keep in touch with loved ones. The HAC (hearing aid compatible) feature is good as well as the step by step tutorials and loud and clear sound, it takes a long time to switch on and can be a bit slow at powering up apps but for smartphone beginners and senior users this might not be such an issue. Overall this is great option for older users and people with specific needs that the Doro can attend too, it is a little pricey when you look at issues like the speed, design and camera quality but the battery life is strong, the display is clear, and you won’t find a more user-friendly phone out there. RRP £220

4.3 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Step by step tutorials for first set up

Extremely user-friendly

HAC (hearing aid compatible)

Assistance button

Loud and clear sound

Traditional Android interface or Doro's highly intuitive

Good battery life


Poor camera quality

Old fashioned design