GP Batteries, specialists in rechargeable batteries, have finally launched their first range of headtorches. The Xplor PHR15 is a clever piece of kit that has been designed with a distance sensor built in, to automatically adjust the light levels of the torch to your surroundings.

GP Batteries are also releasing a cheaper battery powered unit at only 200 Lumens, but this unit also isn’t rechargeable; I would suggest going for the better, rechargeable, 300 Lumen model.

The Xplor PHR15’s 300 Lumen beam gives a good, clean light and has a distance of 157 metres. You can choose between three brightness levels, and the distance sensor will also adjust these for you.  As with any good outside headtorch, the Xplor is water resistant. It is recharged via the provided mini USB cable, and the lamp provides up to 69 hours light from one full charge, which is superb.

The headtorch comes with a cool reflective head strap for added visibility in low light conditions. It also features spot and flood beams, a charging and power indicator light, and a flashing mode in case of emergency.

To wear, the torch is light and well balanced, even if used whist running. This is a good option if you want a sturdy rechargeable headtorch; it is not the cheapest nor the most expensive torch, and I have run with it for several months with no trouble at all. I like it a lot, and the packaging would make it a brilliant Christmas present.  RRP £34.99

4 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Good battery life

Easy to charge

Reflective head band


No over-head strap option