When everything you own requires charging, there comes a point when the side of your sofa or bedside table looks like it is been strangled by a cable version of the Kraken. The Eclipse Charger (which isn’t exactly a charger) is a self-indulgent system that tidies away all those ugly cables ready for when you need them.

There are three designs available White/Cherry Wood, Black/Walnut Wood and Taupe Fabric, which all look minimalistic and stylish, it is important to point out this isn’t a wireless charger or a power bank, it is more like an extension plug, you will still need to plug it into the mains, you can then insert up to three USB charging cables into the Eclipse and the Smart IC technology will ensure safe and high-speed charging up to 7.8 Amps to your mobile devices. Each cable can be wrapped around corkscrew style interior which can hold up to 20 feet of cables (6.5ft individual cables) without over lapping or tangling up, and you can pull out a much or a little of your cable as you need for charging, whilst one of the USB A ports can be switched to a USB C port with a flick of a switch.

So far, I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t convinced by the Eclipse but touch sensitive activation might win you over, with a tap on the lid the device raises the cables out of the unit in a wholly satisfying way and a double tap will activate a soft white light from the base which can help you connect your cable in low light. Do you need the Eclipse Charger, no, but will you want it, quite possibly? This aesthetically pleasing device will provide you with a cleaner looking living area and a slightly depleted bank account that in our option is completely unnecessarily but also totally worth it. RRP £89.99

3.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Stylish and minimalist design

Touch activated


Holds up to three cables

Wall mount


Limited functions