As cinema continues to become more and more spectacular, home entertainment systems battle each other to offer the most stunning and immersive experience of that glory from your sofa. Of course, every time they raise the bar, cinema has to push itself again to convince people to pay for seats and not just stream at home. On and on it goes, and Optoma has brought out a projector to compete in this race. Offering “excellent colour depth, crystal clear detail, and sparkling contrast”, this project promises “immersive” and “impressive 4K cinema quality images”. Whether you’re watching movies, TV or gaming, this projector can give you that home cinema experience, giving you a vast ‘screen’ with incredible quality.

This projector has 4K UHD resolution (over 8 million pixels!) and is HDR compatible. Images are crisper, brighter and more life-like, with texture and depth, almost as though you were watching IMAX. Some projectors can throw off the colours, making the palette more washed out or duller than the original, but not here - this projector is capable of accurate Rec.709 colours, aka the cinematic standard, and projects at 2200 ANSI lumens. You can even fine-tune how the colours are projecting to account for your environment, meaning you’re not limited to projecting onto a white screen - whatever you’re shining onto, you can correct for (within reason). You can also account for different light levels, such as day and night time. Handily, you can save these settings, for quicker and easier set-up the next time.

In fact, there are lots of ways this projector makes itself easy to set up. It has a vertical lens shift, which means it’s way easier to position. The website even has a Distance Calculator that will help you work out the optimum place to install it. In case your home cinema doesn’t have a sound system set up, or in case you’re using it portably elsewhere, it also comes with a stereo speaker, and to help you use it on the move, it also has USB ports that can be used for dongles such as Chromecast for easy streaming.

The projector itself looks aesthetically attractive and is easy to use, and its image quality is nuts! If you’re serious about having a high-quality visual experience for your home cinema or your gaming set-up, then this projector offers everything you could ask for, and is a sleek, unobtrusive and quiet addition to your home. RRP £999

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5 out of 5


Looks good
Crisp, fantastic images
Decent speaker included
Easy to set up
Adjustable, high-quality colour