It is estimated that 1 in 10 dog owners have experience of their dog going missing, either from running away or being stolen, throw cats into the mix and it has been estimated that over 500,000 cats and dogs go missing every year in the UK alone. With microchipping there is more of a chance of being reunited with your fur baby but that’s only if someone finds them and gets them scanned, the Pod 3 GPS tracker is a great way of seeing where our pets are at all times. This smart little kit comes with the Pod tracker, charging dock, two rechargeable batteries and two straps, compatible with Apple iOS 6 + an Android 4.5 +, as well as desk top computers, it works alongside and App the requires a monthly subscription at £6.95 or a yearly of £47.40.

This compact little tracker measures up at 2” x 0.9'' and weighs only 31g, it has a 5day battery life in Standby mode, 1.5-3days on Safe zone mode and 6-8 hours on Adventure mode, the batteries are interchangeable which means you can always have one ready to replace the other, so you never run out of juice. Its casing is fully waterproof, impact resistant and uses multiple technologies to allow you to track your furry friends from anywhere in the world with phone signal. With real-time tracking you can live track indoors and outdoors with unlimited range in 175 countries, even if your pet is safely beside you, you can view 24 hours of location history to see what they have been up to in the day. The Pod 3 lets you set safe zones that will trigger an alert if your pet has crossed the boundary for example escaped from the garden, if your pet is on the podgy side you can make sure they are getting enough exercise by viewing their activity throughout the day.

I love this tracker, the technology is finally getting to a point where you can rely on, super easy to set up and just works when you need it too, no connection issues or App problems the battery life is the next thing I would like to see extended as 6 hours on Adventure mode isn’t enough for the pet obsessed. The compact size and shape makes it perfect for dogs, cats on the other hand, being the awkward gits by nature may be less impressed by the size but they will certainly get used to it. The Pod 3 allows for seamless stalking of your furry family no matter how far away you are giving you piece of mind that your pets are safe and letting you know immediately if they begin to stray. RRP £119

5 out of 5

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Excellent connectivity

Compact and light

Global GPS pet tracker

Escape alerts, activity monitoring & adventure recording

Suitable for both dogs and cats

Waterproof and impact resistant

Interchangeable batteries


Requires monthly subscripton