The reMarkable Tablet isn’t your average tablet; it has hand selected the best bits from some of the big boys on the market and scaled things down into this minimalist and elegant device, paired with the Marker Signature and an attractive premium maple brown leather folio. A great example of both a successful Kickstarter project and a first generation, this tablet reproduces a paper-like response when sketching and taking notes whilst allowing you to save, share and edit later. The paper-like Canvas display screen is partnered with E Ink, providing an anti-glare and can be read in direct sunlight, you can also sync your notes and documents via WiFi. You might be rather underwhelmed by the lack of features (especially with that hefty price tag) but this could be part of its appeal; no social media, no games, no distractions. The Marker Signature feels like a regular pen in your hand, it is beautifully responsive and completely intuitive, the nibs will need replacing 3 or 4 times a year depending on use, there are 10 included (8 for £12 on the online store).

Once you have written out your notes, you can convert it to typed text, you will need to be a little careful with how neat your handwriting is or you may get a few interesting random words pop up, although it’s simple enough to edit afterwards. There are digital tools like undo, erase, move for example, you can access your work everywhere via the app, you can send stuff via email, there is onboard storage of 8GB however it isn’t currently compatible with third-party storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. We were getting about 15 hours’ battery life before it needed recharging, it’s worth noting the screen isn’t coloured, there are 16 shades of grey to help with sketches, but a couple of colours could help you organise your notes. The reMarkable Tablet lacks many features, mostly to its benefit but being able to use it with Dropbox, having some colour options and a few other note-taking or sketch-specific functions might make the price tag a little more reasonable, however if money is no object it does provide a focused, natural and graceful writing experience. RRP £449

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Intuitive, paper-like writing experience

Elegant design


Good battery life

Minimal distractions keep you focused


Lacks features