Many people (more than you probably realise) face a daily battle with anxiety and stress. The Spire Stone aims to take some of the pressure off by syncing up your mind and body by measuring your breath throughout the day and alerting you to sudden changes (like if you stop breathing?)

First impressions the Spire Stone looks sleek: the Stone has a rough texture, a bit like a palm stone or a rock stolen from a zen garden (its ok to take souvenirs, right?) It comes with a metal clip to attach it to your bra or belt, where it measures your breathing via the expansion and contraction of your torso. It is quite large, and you certainly know it’s there when wearing it. Not only does it track your breath, but it also counts your steps, number of calories lost, and gives you reminders to move. Working alongside an app (like everything else you own), it has a clear dashboard that provides real-time feedback of your breathing - it will break your results down into minutes you were calm, tense, focused, active and sedentary.

The Spire will send you reminders to move and notifications when your breathing dramatically changes, so you can take a moment to slow your breathing down - allowing you to take control before the panic sets in. The Spire app also provides free guided meditations to help you focus, increase calm and feel in control of your thoughts. It comes with a nicely designed charger (with only slight hints of a 1970s ashtray).

I really wanted to love the Spire as I find mindfulness, breathing techniques and activity helps with my own demons, but the accuracy was too inconsistent. Sometimes it would pick my breathing up, other times I would have to keep adjusting it. I found it at its worst when wearing it on my waistband. If the sensor was more accurate this would probably become something I would use daily, but, as it is, it became an added stress factor rather than something to keep me calm! RRP $149.00

3 out of 5

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Notifies when to move and when tense

Feedback on moments of tension, calm and focus

Breathing exercises

Counts steps and calories

Free guided meditation

Nice design

7day battery life


Inconsistent and inaccurate readings, knocks confidence in the product

Not the most comfortable to wear