I like to think I’m a pretty chilled person, it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers but there are three things that will immediately send me into an instant melt down, traffic jams, when the computer/phone/app freeze or crashes for no reason and when I lose my stuff, sadly the last happens way too often as I never pay attention to where I put my stuff down. The Tile is a stylish little…well…tile that can be attached to your bag, purse, keys or whatever to help you find them when your brain turns against you and refuses to remember.

This Pro Combo pack contains two Tiles the Tile Style and Tile Sport, there are very few differences between the two designs other than looks the Style has a shiny Champagne and Satin White finish that puts me in mind of a teeny tiny handbag, whilst the Sport has a Dark Slate and Graphite finish that offers a little more discretion but with the same high-quality finish. The Sport is slightly larger at 40 x 40 x 5.9mm to the Styles’ 37.5 x 37.5 x 5.9mm which weighs 11g where as the Sport weighs 15g but that’s where the differences end. The Tile connects via the Tile app with a straightforward Bluetooth pairing, once connected you will have up to a 200ft range, the most powerful Tile yet, it is also waterproof up to 1.5meters for 30 minutes as well as being dust resistant with a rating of IP68. The Tiles don’t come with a keyring or sticker to help you attach your Tile which is a shame as they don’t exactly come cheap, there is a loop in one corner where you can fix your own attachment. When you need to locate your item, the first step is to open the app where it will tell you if you are in range, when it is you press Find and it will sound the 98 decibel cheerful little melody to help you pin point your property, if it isn’t in range you can open the map to see where it was last located and at what time, if you can’t get back to this area or it has already gone you can report it to the Tile community, every app updates the location of each Tile device it detects and with more than 10 million Tiles sold this network is the largest of its kind helping you to become reunited with your belongings. It even works the other way around, you can double press the Tile to locate your phone, even if it is on silent, you can log into the website to find it on a map or make it ring.

You won’t need to recharge the Tile or ensure it is switched on, but one downside to this is the battery lasts just one year from shipment and you cannot replace it yourself, on the plus Tile offers a replacement program but at a cost. Both Tile’s look great and work well at locating your items, the online community is a great idea to allow equally forgetful people to help each other, however there are similar products available albeit not the same quality that allow you to replace batteries and come with attachments, if Tile could just throw in some attachments that would probably be enough of a compromise. RRP £50

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Attractive design

98 decibel melody



works well and provides accurate locations

find items via, ring, map or community help

find your phone even on silent

99% recyclable


No attachments included

Battery life only lasts one year

High price tag