The AG9+ is Afterglow’s premium wireless headset and is licensed by both Microsoft for Xbox One and by Sony for Playstation 4, it is completely wireless and features 50mm Neodymium drivers. The headset offers two distinct audio modes: either the Pure Audio or Bass Boost mode. It has a flexible and removable boom microphone with noise- and echo-cancelling technology for clearer communication during online play. The first thing you notice with the AG9+ is the comfort, the generously padded ears cups are plush and the split headband has extra thick padding down the two sides with a gap in the centre to prevent any pressure on the very top of the head, you can easily wear these for hours at a time without fatigue.

They look pretty sharp with the signature customisable Prismatic Afterglow lighting mode (green for Xbox and blue for Playstation) but if this isn’t your style you can select blackout mode and just appreciate the visuals of the headset's exposed circuitry. You can speak freely to your teammates (or enemies) over the true wireless chat, a gaming buddy at the other end of the line said the sound would come across slightly robotic at times but was satisfactory overall. The sound quality you receive is enjoyable, you can clearly locate the direction the sound is coming from, making it easier to pinpoint targets, it always works well with music and we didn’t notice any lag or delay. The boom microphone, although described as flexible, can’t be adjusted up or down but can be moved side to side although it is resistant to do so. The headset is easy to set up: you just plug in the USB transmitter and you are away, this means you aren’t just restricted to using it with the Xbox but with your computer or laptop too. For the price you pay I would expect the build quality to be slightly better in places, the casing covering lighting for example. The sound is enjoyable, but the microphone could be improved both in the flexibility and distortion it occasionally produced. RRP $79.99

Current Cheapest Price

3 out of 5


Very comfortable

Rich, detailed sound quality

Truly wireless

Plug in and play

No notable lag


Stiff microphone

Occasional distortion over the mic

Poor build quality in areas