The beautiful Brydge 12.9 Keyboard brings the MacBook experience to the 12.9inch iPad Pro (2017 and 2015 models). Available in both Silver and Space Grey which matches perfectly to you iPad Pro, it features a standard QWERTY layout (note: it is only available in this format). Constructed from a high-guide aluminium it has a sturdy weight to it. It’s tactile which is especially good at encouraging poorly motivated, product-reviewing people to keep typing and not wonder off to make their 5th cup of coffee that morning: it just feels that good to use!

The solid body makes you feel confident in the keyboards durability when travelling in your bag. It weighs less than the 13-inch MacBook Pro at 721g, but that doesn’t mean it’s a light weight device; however, the weight works in its favour by forming a stable base to work from. The magic of the Brydge are the hinges: this integrated Patented hinge design has been specifically created for the specific thickness of iPads without a case or screen protector - meaning if you are keen on using a case, you will need to remove everything before you can use the keyboard. However, when you close the iPad and keyboard together there are small pads the protect the screen from damage, so you won’t need a case. The two hinges slip on & off quickly and have a silicone lining to protect your iPad. They have the perfect balance between smooth movement and stiff control, so you can firmly place the screen anywhere from 0-180°, and that’s exactly where it will stay. The keys are black with a backlit display with 3 levels of brightness, making it easy to use in low light conditions. Although this is bad for your eyes, it does mean you can see your keys if necessary without switching on the lights and potentially disturbing other people. The keys are shallow and quiet with a good response and the top row is dedicated to iOS special function keys.

As the Brydge connects via Bluetooth rather than a wired connection there is a slight delay when typing. It isn’t slow enough to be an issue for me but takes some getting used to and could potentially put people off. RRP $149.99

4.5 out of 5

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Beautiful design


Seamlessly integrates with iPad Pro 12.9


0-180° viewing angle

Protects screen when closed


Connects via Bluetooth creates a lag