We had the pleasure of testing the BrydgeAir Keyboard with the iPad Air 2, ideal if you type a lot on your iPad and want to transform it into a mini netbook. The Keyboard is not going to win any awards for being light it is beautiful designed from aluminium and weighs 520g / 1.15lb but this isn’t a cheap piece of tat it is a high quality tactile keyboard, user tip if you are using it as a laptop do not put it on bare legs as it is super cold. The BrydgeAir connected via Bluetooth without a hitch, the patented 180degree hinge that allows you to hold the screen in whatever position suits you best, the hinges are strong enough to hold the screen without it slowly drooping from the weight of the tablet or moving about whilst you use the touch screen, the hinges are also coated with a thick silicone so as to keep you tablet firmly in place as well as protecting it from scratches. The keyboard has built in speakers that can be switched on and off at a touch of a button, ideal if you are trying to conserve the battery, they produce a clear stereo sound which won’t blow you away but is reasonably good for the size of them. The keyboard has a very impressive battery life, charge it up for as little as an hour and it will give you a whopping 3 months use before you need to charge it again. The keys themselves are laid out in a standard Qwerty layout, in my opinion they have the perfect amount of resistance, not to firm that you have to jab at the keys but not too sensitive that you will type letters by mistake whilst resting you fingers on the keys. If you haven’t used a keyboard of this size before it may take a bit of adjustment but Brydge has made the most of all available horizontal space to give you the biggest keys possible. Unlike a standard accessory keyboard there are buttons design specifically for the iPad including a shortcut for Siri, home screen, screen lock and back light, a nice bright white glow which compliments the back keys and allows you to work in low light, as well as the normal volume, zoom etc. Overall the BrydgeAir is a lovely companion for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro 9.7-inch, it oozes quality construction and is a pleasure to type with. RRP $149.99

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4.6 out of 5


Looks stylish

Solid aluminium body

180degree, secure hinges

Backlit keys (optional)

Speakers (optional)



Speaker quality could be better