The Flick 2 from Fnatic has been crafted to be a a lightweight professional-grade e-sports mouse, suitable for every gamer, produced with a grip type and shape favouring gamers who like a more symmetrical feel. Along with this shape it also features a best-in-class sensor, strong and tactile build quality and software, that provide you with the precision and control you need to excel in your game. The grip is comfortable, probably suitable for larger hands than my little paws due to the way it expands slightly at the base, there are textured grips for comfort and control over long gaming sessions. It is suitable for both palm and claw-grip users thanks to the oleophobic and textured rubber side grips, the sensor is a Pixart 3360 that is one of the world’s best sensors, packed with additional features such as the ability to adjust lift-off distance, lower CPI increments and has an overall higher split-second accuracy and precision.

The lift detection can be manually set to either 2mm or 3mm, it has high speed motion detection with 250ips and acceleration 50G, up to 12000CPI selectable resolution with 100CPI step size, a 1000Hz Polling Rate with 1ms response time and weighs just 93g. It has a solid build quality thanks to the polycarbonate construction, we have all had those furious moments when we miss a shot or get wiped out and take it out by slamming down the mouse, however the tier-1 factory build and drop tests have got you covered. You can customise the Flick2’s button set up and the cross-platform software, Fnatic OP, lets you completely customise your mouse including RGB control, mappable buttons, custom macros, unique actions and more. This high-performing gaming mouse can provide hours of comfortable and precise gaming control, the wheel is a little hard to press, which might irritate some gamers, but overall the design and build are excellent.  RRP £59.99

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4 out of 5



Manually select either 2mm or 3mm

250ips and acceleration 50G

Up to 12000CPI with 100CPI step size

1000HZ Polling Rate / 1ms response time



Remappable buttons


Comfortable claw or palm grip


Wheel hard to press