Gaems has filled a gap in the market here and created a portable personal gaming environment or basically a secure house for your console with an inbuilt screen to allow you to play anywhere as long as there is a plug socket to hand although it is possible to run it in a car with the appropriate adaptor. It is compatible with HDMI however anything with only a component cable will not be able to run with this device, it has two inputs for headphones, headsets or speakers. It comes with a small remote although I’m not sure how necessary this is as with a 19 LCD screen you won’t be sitting across the room from it but it’s a nice touch. If you plan on taking this with you abroad the Gaems website claims it is TSA friendly meaning you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it though airport security as hand luggage but strangely it comes with a sticker set with enough provocative images on it to land you in a room bent over with the sound of latex gloves snapped into place behind you so perhaps it’s not a sensible idea to adorn your Vanguard with bombs, grenades and biohazard symbols before trying to hop on a plane.

Inside the case you can store your battery pack, controllers and games in protected bags and there is a special piece of foam to protect the screen from you gaming essentials. It’s compatible with all types of Xbox as long it has an HDMI lead, the PS3 Slim (the old PS3 is too heavy and could break the screen) and PS4. The monitor is 720p resolution, similar to a tablet which you can enjoy watching movies on as well as gaming, it’s not a mind blowing picture but it does the job good enough but I may cause a few issues if you try forcing 1080p through it, aside from that is has an excellent response time. The speakers produce a good sound too but you can always attach you own speaker if needed. As well as being a good portable piece it also has its uses in the home, for example if you can’t agree with your partner on to weather to watch TV or play a game but would prefer to stay in the same room this is ideal, also if you your mates get one of these you can gather together and 2v2 or 4v4 in the same spot. All in all a great idea for a serious gamer. RRP $349.99

4.1 out of 5

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Reasonably priced

Good picture quality

Excellent response time


Provocative stickers

HDMI only