The datAshur from iStorage is a USB 3.0 Flash Drive with a choice of capacities ranging from 4GB up to 64GB with a PIN code access and military grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption – how James Bond. The datAshur Pro features a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN using the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to a USB port. All data transferred to the datAshur Pro is encrypted in real-time with the built-in hardware encryption engine, meaning it is protected from villains accessing your data even if it is lost or stolen. The datAshur Pro locks automatically when removed from your computer or when the computer is shut down, and it can also be set to a timed lock.

This little device works straight out of the box and does not require any extra software or drivers to be installed. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, Thin Clients and embedded systems. Constructed from aluminium, it is water and dust proof to protect against any physical damage, and the internal drive components are sealed with a tamper-proof coating. If you forget your PIN, you can reset it with an Admin PIN – however, if the Admin enters an incorrect Admin PIN ten consecutive times, then both the User and Admin PINs, the encryption key and all data will be deleted and lost forever, like a self-destruct feature.

For the price, I would like a more robust build quality - this doesn’t feel solid enough and makes me question the life expectancy of the device. The buttons are small and very close together; I understand that this is to keep the USB as small as possible, and is fine for smaller fingers and people with nails, but I also think of my dad’s massive hands when I see products like this. In fact, I can already here him swearing at it. Changing the PIN isn’t easy and involves a process of different coloured flashing lights which isn’t very clear to understand, and because the pin needs to be at least seven digits long it’s a bit of a slog. The other thing I found irritating was the blue flashing LED – it is useful to know the status of the stick, but the light is also distracting. Other than a few minor issues, though, the security is excellent, which is the most important thing. RRP £109

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4 out of 5


Military grade Full-disk AES 256-bit CBC Hardware Encryption

Works with any USB devices

Drive reset destroys data and recovers use of drive

Compatibility with any OS - Windows, MAC, Linux

Guaranteed with a three-year warranty


Could be better build quality

Buttons small and fiddly

Awkward process to change PIN