With the recent release of so many incredible games and the onset of winter, it is a great time to stock up on snacks, lock the door and hunker down for some serious gaming sessions. To fully immerse yourself into the virtual word, you need to ensure your gear is up to the task!

The Khan AIMO is a hi-res 7.1 surround sound gaming headset packed full of features to help you get the most out of your game time. Starting with comfort, this headset features memory foam earpads with a soft and breathable outer that will sit for hours on your ears without causing fatigue. Some of the construction comes across a little low end, but the upside to this is the low weight of just 275g, which again adds to the comfort. The earpads are adjustable via the stainless-steel sliders to fit any head size. For a bit of fun customisation, the Khan AIMO have four LED lights with 16.8m colours to choose from. It will react to your game play which is pretty cool when playing with mates, especially if you have a Roccat mouse and keyboard too. You will need to use the Roccat Swarm software to play around with this feature, and it is here you will find all the audio settings for your games as well.

As for the sound quality, we think you will be pleasantly surprised: the 50mm drivers have robust diaphragms that produce rich 7.1 audio. There is also a built-in 24-bit 96KHz DAC sound card with virtually no noise interference. Now, although this headset is Hi-Res compatible, you will only benefit from this if you have a Hi-Res source. If you do, you will be able to fully appreciate the AIMO’s performance: the sound is precise and clear, allowing you to determine the position of your enemy.

Other features include the real-voice mic, which helps you sound more like you and less like a robot, meaning your team mates can easily hear you, even if all they hear is screaming and swearing. The Roccat Khan AIMO are easy to control, affordable, comfortable and super pleasing to the ears, allowing you to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience.  RRP £119.99

4.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price



7.1 High Resolution compatible

Great sounds quality


Customisable LED

Easy to use software

24-bit 96KHz DAC sound card for no noise

Real voice MIC


Low budget build quality in areas