With so many games getting released or remastered right now there is no better time to invest in some good quality gaming gear, the Kone AIMO from Roccat is a striking gaming mouse packed with features to help you becoming fully immersed in the virtual world. The original Kone was released in 2007, as the first product from Roccat, they have now combined their know-how with almost 30,000 surveyed gamers to produce the Kone AIMO. It has a bold design with its log splashed across the front and RGBA light strips and mouse-wheel reacts to use and can be personalised, you could be forgiven for thinking hard lined cut aways on either side of the mouse might prove to be uncomfortable but it has been carefully considered to create an ergonomic feel for mid to large-handed games, weighing just 130g (non-customisable) it is wonderfully comfortable for hours of playing without fatigue (right hands only, sorry south paws).

Comfort is important but that’s no good if the sensor isn’t up to scratch, the AIMO uses an owl-eye optical sensor, the new optical sensor from PixArt, it has a responsive feel you can detect straight away, it can be configured in terms of the ROCCAT-pioneered Distance Control Unit (DCU), with the dpi adjustable in 100-dpi steps from 100 to 12000, although 400 – 3000dpi range is recommended as optimal. This mouse has a braided 1.8m USB cable (non-replaceable), it has a tri-button thumb zone for a greater level of control, it also has two wide buttons suitable for all hand sizes, plus an ergonomic lower button set to Easy-Shift[+] by default, this lets you assign a secondary function to the mouse's buttons like holding shift to make “5” into “%” on your keyboard, this can be easily programmed and has options for simple commands and complex macros. Roccat comes with the Swarm software which can be used to personalise the lighting options and change the performance settings for whatever suits the current game you are addicted too, it isn’t the most user-friendly of set ups, but you will get there in the end.

Technical specs include 32-BIT arm MCU and onboard memory for rapid macro storage and execution, custom pick-up flight for heightened accuracy, 4D Titan Wheel that offers four directions with advanced tilting tech, 1000Hz polling rate, 1ms response time, 50G acceleration, 250ips maximum speed and has system requirements of Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10, internet connection for driver installation and USB 2.0 port. The Roccat Kone AIMO is a high performing mouse suitable for the larger handed gamer who would enjoy its bold/flashy design, it is intuitive and responsive and unlike those friends who find it funny to shoot you just seconds after you’ve respawned it will be a reliable gaming partner for some serious sessions. RRP £69.99

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4.5 out of 5


High performing


Owl-Eye optical sensor with up to 12000 dpi

Tri-button thumb zone, 4D tilting Titan wheel, easy-shift[+] button

12-24 Programmable buttons

Bold design with reactive RGBA multizone lighting system

SWARM software


Non-replaceable wire


Large right hands only