The Sound BlasterX H6 is a 7.1 USB Gaming Headset with Virtual Surround Sound for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (check compatible system requirements).

It comes with the headset, 2M USB Cable and 1.5M 3.5mm Audio Cable. This headset has custom tuned 50mm Neodymium drivers to provide a loud and accurate sound, it even includes Scout Mode which allows you to hear the enemies before they have had a chance to hear you. There is a detachable noise-reducing ClearComms microphone for in-game voice communication and three professionally-tuned hardware EQ profiles. The main thing you will notice straight out of the box is the generously padded earpads. These earpads are breathable thanks to the mesh fabric which allow the heat to escape and the thickly padded with memory foam which moulds to the shape of your ears and head. They are also fully replaceable for an extended lifespan - when combined with the reduced clamping force of less than 600g and padded headband, this is (unsurprisingly) extremely comfortable headset.

Comfort is pointless, however, if the sound quality isn’t up to scratch, but that isn’t something we have to worry about with the H6. As well as being impressively loud, the 7.1 virtual surround sound makes for a fully immersive experience, allowing you to hear tiny details (including footsteps and reload) and quickly locate their source. This makes it a great choice for first person shooters, open world, and Battle Royale style games. The microphone ensures your teammates hear your voice loud and clear whilst the mic monitoring feature lets you check how your voice sounds over the mic. Yes, they can hear you eating and yes, you should stop! There is also a red LED for quick reference when you have muted it.

Other features include the downloadable Sound Blaster Connect software on your PC to use instant audio enhancements such as Surround, Crystallizer, and Bass, allowing you to tune it to your perfect audio balance. The Ambient Monitoring lets you to listen to your surroundings whilst keeping the headset on, ensuring you don’t miss anything important like a knock at the door or a call down to dinner without the sound also being transmitted to teammates. You can easily reach the controls on the left ear cup, making it handy for right handed PC users, but lefties and console users will just have to deal with it. Lastly, you can customise the earcups with the Aurora Reactive RGB Lighting display with 16 million colours and special effects to play with. Winning has never looked so exciting!

For a headset in this price range, you will be hard pushed to find something more comfortable. The sound quality is loud, rich and immersive and all the added extra features make for exceptional value for money. RRP £69.99

5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Very comfortable

7.1 virtual surround sound

Immersive sound quality

Low cost

Detachable ClearComms Unidirectional Condenser Microphone

Ambient Monitoring

Breathable, replaceable memory foam earpads

Aurora Reactive RGB Lighting

50mm Audio Drivers

Scout Mode

Sound Blaster Connect software

Three professionally-tuned hardware EQ profiles