The Arctis 3 from SteelSeries is a wired headset specifically designed for gaming and comes in five colours, Black, White, Red, Blue and Grey, featuring surround sound and mic constructed around a ski-goggle style suspension system for hours of comfort. Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, VR, mobile phones and tablets, it has a trigger for activating sticky navigation and S1 speaker drivers that produce a well-balanced sound with clear distinction between vocals, music and effects making it good for games and films, but it lacks depth and is vocal heavy to be anything more than acceptable for music.

The ClearCast Microphone aims to deliver studio-quality voice clarity whilst reducing the background noise as much as possible and it works as well as you would hope. The ski goggle suspension headband basically means the headphones float above a soft, adjustable headband that sits on your head, this ensure the weight is distributed comfortably across your head and twinned with soft AirWeave ear cushions that allows your ears to breath and lets you enjoy hours of gaming in comfort.

The SteelSeries Engine lets you customise your sound settings by adjusting EQ settings and microphone settings, you will need Windows 7+ to achieve this, you will also need to be online if you want to make adjustment, the initial registration is a bit laborious but after that it is simple to use. The Arctis 3 is a budget headset without the low price, its rather limited in its abilities, keeping you wired into whatever device you are using, the sound quality is adequate even with the adjustable settings, the best thing it has going for it is how comfortable it is, just don’t expect to be blown away by its abilities. RRP £89.99

3.5 out of 5

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Good sound

Clear microphone

Adjustable settings



Not great for music

Limited features