When this thing landed on my desk I started looking around for the product it was so obviously a remote for…wrong! This mad looking device is actually a carefully designed keyboard and mouse in one, promising to be the world’s most mobile keyboard. It is created to be used in one hand and uses a system similar to that of a short hand type writer in that you use the 16 keys individually and in chords to type the words rather than spelling out the letters individually.

To give credit where it is due there are tutorials on the website to help you learn how to use it but my goodness is it tricky, this is like learning to type and play the guitar at the same time. I think you would need a really good reason to persevere with the Twiddler 3(I’m not sure about the name, “I only need one hand with my Twiddler” people may get the wrong idea) which doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience there. It can be programmed to be completely personal to you, your own language or slang, you can store blocks of text that can be typed with a single chord and making for a much faster word per minute rate. According to the manufacturer with standard chording codes the average person can type up to 30 wpm, however with the Twiddler 3 (and a lot of practice) the user to key in anything up to 260 wpm.

The Twiddler 3 connects via Bluetooth so you can link it up not only to your laptop or netbook but also your phone, tablet or wearables (Samsung Gear, Apple Watch and google glass compatible), I like this idea because if you have a compact little tablet the accessory keyboards normally doubles the size of it plus with the Twiddle 3 you don’t need to have a flat surface in front of you to lean on. I would prefer it if the mouse was more responsive but the keyboard element is actually a great idea, you just need to take the time to learn how to use it but once you have mastered the Twiddler 3 it could completely change the way you use your devices. RRP $199

4.3 out of 5

Buy now


Innovative and practical design

Tactile, feels natural in your hand

Can increase typing speed

Compatible with a wide range of device


The mouse is sluggish

You will need to relearn everything you know about typing