HaloLock™ Kickstand MagSafe Compatible Wireless Charger 
For iPhone 12 & 13 

Wireless chargers are the best. All you need to do is slap your phone down on one and it’s charging. Place a wireless charger wherever you tend to leave your phone lying around, and you’ll keep it charged without even having to think. 
The HaloLock Kickstand wireless charger goes a step better – no longer consigned to leaving your phone laying down when it charges, you can now attach it to a tilted vertical surface at the perfect angle for Zoom and FaceTime. You can even game on them, without needing to worry about the drain on your battery – fantastic if you’re away on a family holiday and want to make sure you have something to keep you entertained. 
The kickstand can either lay flat or prop the charger upright, meaning you can use this product like a traditional wireless charging pad or as a phone stand as and when you fancy it. The charger is also small and, when you want it to be, flat enough that it’s easy to take around with you, meaning you can use it at work, at school or wherever you’re off to. The stand itself needs to be plugged in occasionally to charge itself, but this can be left behind when you’re on the move. 
The Kickstand wireless charger is available in four colour options: the usual black or white, or an attractive ‘Sierra Blue’ or ‘Pastel Pink’. These colours make me want even more to choose from, but they’re a great start, and evert option looks sleek, shiny and appealing to have around your workspace. More importantly, it charges well: you’ll get a full charge in 2.5 hours, and you’ll get a usable boost almost immediately. 
Remember to make sure you either have a MagSafe or MagSafe compatible phone case, such as a HaloLock phone case, in order to use this product, and it is only compatible with iPhones 12 & 13. 

We were sent ESR’s Classic Hybrid Case with HaloLock in order to test the charger, and the two worked together without a hitch. The case itself is simple, see-through, and sturdy enough that it seems to live up to its claims of being protective. It doesn’t scratch easily and you’d have to really try if you wanted to damage it, which is what we like to see! 

Fast charge 
Lays flat or stands up 
Holds phone securely 
Charge whilst you game, make video calls, scroll recipes etc 
Colour options