The idea of wearing a pair of glasses that shine light into your eyes might not immediately sound like the most comfortable experience, but trust me when I say that this is a good idea. The AYO uses a similar principle to light therapy boxes, but comes built into a wearable set of glasses. AYO aims to help combat symptoms of S.A.D, Jet Lag, helping maintain healthier body rhythms and boost energy in winter months. AYO uses blue light technology as this type of light can play an important role in managing the bodies rhythm and help to quickly adapt changing seasons, time zones and sleep patterns. Short exposure (as little as 20mins a day) to the gentle AYO blue light enhances energy levels and alertness. This technology is built into a comfortable and lightweight pair of glasses, they are compact, ideal for travel, and comfortable to wear. The light is directed at an angle from just above your eyes, so you can still see clearly, it’s like the sun is in the sky above your head.

I like the design, they are as discreate as possible, but they will draw some strange looks if you are wearing them in public. They are controlled via the AYO app, by using this, you can control the light as well as create and monitor sleep, energy, and travel improvement programs, it will report back information to give you an insight into your current sleep/energy habits and track your performance. The app also uses proprietary algorithms, based on your flight itinerary and user profile, to calculate the best time for you to use AYO and when to avoid or actively seek out light, helping you recover from jet lag. I enjoyed using the AYO glasses, they integrated into my morning ritual well, I was able to pop them on when I first woke up and have my session whilst I brushed my teeth and made my coffee, and rather than sit in front of a light box, I was able to continue with my normal routine. These are some of the more expensive light therapy glasses on the market, but equally they are some of the most compact and discrete. I certainly felt an improvement from wearing them, especially during these cold and dark winter months, and the app helps you get the most out of your sessions. RRP $299

4.8 out of 5

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