The iHealth Core body analysis scale measures weight and BMI, additionally calculating body fat indices, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water mass and your visceral fat rating.

The iHealth Core meets rigorous accuracy standards in both the US and Europe, it can measure and track nine aspects of your overall health, including weight, body mass index, body fat, lean muscle, bone mass, water weight, daily calories and visceral fat rating. The iHealth core works with the iHealth companion app that lets you set goals, view readings, and share results right from your smart phone.

All measurements are stored on a secure iHealth account that is presented in easy to read charts, weight and BMI are additionally displayed in colourful graphs, allowing you to track progress and monitor improvement. You don’t even need your phone on when you take a reading as it syncs to your personal cloud account, once synced to your phone you can then share your data directly from your smartphone with your health care provider or personal trainer in Excel, CSV or PDF format.

My first impressions were that the Core is smart looking with a clean finish, setup was easy enough, but sadly it was hit and miss when trying to sync it up to multiple devices. If you were just dealing with the scales and didn’t have to deal with the software the product would be great but sadly that’s not the case, I have so little patience for apps that won’t sync to the point that I will just happily give up on the device whether it is a smart watch, key finder or scales. More work is needed here to smooth out the issue in the software and then it will have the potential of being a useful weight loss tool. RRP $129.99

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3.5 out of 5


Solid scales

Measures 9 aspects of health and weight


Syncing is inconsistent and frustrating