Long journeys can be unpleasant and boring experiences, but if you suffer from motion sickness they can be pure hell! The Reliefband 2.0 has been created to help treat the nausea caused by motion as well as sickness induced by chemotherapy, morning sickness and postoperative circumstances. This drug-free alternative uses clinically-proven technology to quickly and effectively relieve nausea, retching and vomiting, it comes with the band, charging cable and one 7.5 ml tube (0.25 oz) of hypoallergenic conductivity gel. It is easy to use, all you need to do is select which wrist you want to use it on, place two fingers on your wrist from the first crease in the wrist (pretty much the bottom of your hand) and this should land the device between the two tendons on the inside of your wrist. Next, ensure the skin is clean and then apply a small drop of gel and spread in a circle about the size of a large coin with an even sheen, put on the band over the gelled area and fasten the strap so it fits snugly. To switch on you just need to press the power button, which automatically sets the power level at 1, it is recommend you increase stimulation until tingling is felt in palm and middle finger at a comfortable level (press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the device off).

Reliefband suggests you should periodically switch off the band to check if your symptoms have subsided, the gel should be re-applied every 2-3 hours, any time after washing, or if stimulation decreases. The band is comfortable to wear, it remains secure throughout your treatment, the sensation isn’t painful, it feels a little odd at first but you quickly get used to it, the large display screen lets you know what intensity setting it is on as well as the battery life. The battery will give you about 12 hours of continual use depending on the intensity level, it will take about 75 minutes for a full recharge, however it doesn’t hold its charge very well when not in use, so don’t expect it to be ready to go a week after charging it. The charger connects via a magnet which could be stronger to form a more stable connection, the strap is easy to fasten with one hand, thanks to the J-band design. As every human body is different the results may vary, but this smart little band seems to be able to help many people stave off the nausea and enable them to carry on their day, although the price tag may put some people off the discreet and sleek design, effective treatment, ease of use and fast recharge time make it a solid choice for tackling motion sickness and nausea. RRP $174.99

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Helps combat symptoms for motion sickness and nausea

Easy to use

12-17 hours’ battery life (depending on level)

Discreet design (looks like an activity tracker)

Fast recharge time

Water resistant


Doesn’t hold charge well when not in use

Charging cable thin and magnet not very strong