A good night’s sleep has the power to make everything feel better, and on the flip side, a bad night’s sleep can make even the smallest issue 100% worse. The RESPeRATE 2Breathe Sleep Inducer aims to help you get to sleep easier by calming your mind and body towards sleep. The 2Breathe tries to reduce “pre-sleep tension” which can become vicious cycle of worrying that you can’t get to sleep and then you can’t sleep because you are in fact worrying. In the box you get a chest strap that connects to your smart device via the companion app and they work together to walk you through breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. Just breathe in-sync with the guiding tones.

Each session lasts a minimum of 10 minutes. To use, you fit the sensor around your abdomen, over your clothes, lay in bed and breathe. The sensor connects to the app via Bluetooth and the 2breathe transforms your breathing, in real time, into tones that gradually guide you to take longer and slower breaths, if you don’t follow the tones, a voice prompt will guide you to breathe in-sync again. Once you have reached your 7 In-Sync minutes goal, you can end the session manually, take off the sensor and fall asleep or continue to breathe with the guiding tones until you fall asleep. Once sleep is detected the 2breathe automatically shuts off. The app allows you to report your session, breath-by-breath, it provides a sleep diary, tips and tutorials. There is also a Meditate mode, with breathing exercises for the daytime.

I wasn’t impressed with the build quality of the 2breathe, it felt a bit flimsy, the strap is very stretchy which meant I would often wake up with it under my butt or digging into my back as it moved around whilst I slept. There is a lot of excess strap left over that gets in the way and you can get a bit tangled up in it, I found the voice prompt jarring, perhaps because it is in a different accent to mine, it certainly didn’t add to my relaxation. After a few weeks I haven’t noticed the 2breathe have any positive effect on my sleep. I like the concept of breathing exercises, and feel like the product is close to being successful, but it’s just not working for me. RRP $299.95

3 out of 5

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Encourages breathing exercises

Meditation mode


Cheaply made

Irritating voice prompt

Excess strap gets in the way

Chest strap moves in sleep

Had no effect on my sleep or ability to get to sleep