One of the wonderful benefits they forget to mention about working out is the constant cycle of aching muscles all over your body. Therefore the Reviber Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager could potentially be godsend! At first inspection it looked slightly intimidating: the instructions are either translated or just badly written, but you soon get the gist of how it works. The Physio claims to release muscular tension with a steady, comfortable, pulsed acupressure, and that this massage technique penetrates even the tightest muscles, sounds perfect right?

To use you simply hold the Physio on your aching muscles and switch it on. The weight of the device - and it is hefty (1.2 kg) - means you don’t need to push down to get a good pressure. Most of the energy is transferred through the massage heads, with the handle vibrating slightly, but it certainly isn’t uncomfortable. I did find getting to the middle of your back was quite fatiguing due to the weight of the unit, and if you aren’t naturally mobile it will be even more difficult - a little handle extender could help people with low mobility. Speaking of the handle: it would be helpful if it had a texture to aid grip, especially as you may be using oils with the Physio. The Physio doesn't need massage oils, but you can use non-alcohol based massage oils if you desire. You can also choose between using it on bare skin or over clothing, but I would recommend oil if you are using it on bare skin, as it moves around better and just feels nicer.

You can use the Physio on your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, buttocks and soles of your feet. There are two attachments to choose from that are easy to switch over: one for larger muscles and the other for specific areas such as the neck. The massager has two speeds, 3400 or 6000, ideal for deep-tissue massage. I really enjoyed using the Physio: it provides a firm massage rather than the usual cheap battery-operated self-massages which are never strong enough. Aside from being a little heavy and a little loud when doing your neck and shoulders, it is a great device. RRP £69.99

4.5 out of 5

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Deep massage

Two speeds

Two massage heads

3 metre power cord

Easy to operate

Can be used on bare skin or over clothes



Heavy in certain positions