At my gym there is this rather intimidating machine that sits in the corner, it is the worst of all the machines in the gym and has the potential to make you sweat more than any other, this one will tell you your weight, BMI and fat mass! I have only ever seen one person on it, and that was a P.T. this is probably because no one wants to be weighed in a gym full of people, but I have always been curious about the result. The Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) provides you with this information in the comfort of your own home. These scales have a white glass top, sleek rounded design and the slim size means they are easy to tuck away when not in use, there is a large 80 x 50mm LCD display so there’s no avoiding those numbers. The Curve gives you a full body composition analysis by measuring your weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and BMR.

It works by emitting a tiny electrical impulse that flows through your body and distinguishes fat from lean tissue, it is perfectly safe, and you can’t feel it. You can store up to eight users and it has child and athlete modes to suit each individual. Your individual account can hold information about your gender, age and height and takes them into account whilst analysing other features of your body composition. The scales connect to your phone via Bluetooth and send your measurements straight to the Mibody app on your device, it is here you can track your progress over time and compare results to healthy/recommended ranges. To activate the scales you need to tap it with your foot, then step on, you will get an instant weight reading but to access the other information is a little more tricky; you need to make sure your phone is connected over the app, we found that it wasn’t the most intuitive process and had issues with syncing, this could put people off using the extra features. The scales themselves are beautiful and work well, the app just needs to be a little more user friendly to encourage regular use, however if you are keen on tracking the finer details of your body composition this is probably something you can live with – and it’s still better than using the machine in the gym. RRP £49.99

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3 out of 5


Detailed body analysis

Stylish modern design

Holds up to 8 users with child and athlete modes

Durable and compact

Track your history on the app


Awkward app

Hit and miss syncing

Only weight displayed on scales

Key features

Measures weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and BMR

Connect to smartphone using Bluetooth and monitor your progress with the ‘Mibody’ app

Equipped with the ability to store memory for up to eight users

Features child and athlete modes for tailored results

Uses a toughened glass rounded platform resulting in a sleek, modern design

Features an ‘easy to read’ reverse backlit LCD display


Model Number: 9192 WH3R

Platform size: 306 x 336 x 30mm

LCD Display size:

Max weight x resolutions: 200kg

Battery Type : 3 x AAA (Included)