Gone are the days of the top knot, lets bring back the skin head, who is sexier than Patrick Stewart? The Bald Eagle Smart X from Skull Shaver will get you the glossy head finish and make you instantly look as hot as the Rock (or perhaps a pudgy, dad-bodied version). The Bald Eagle Smart X has a cordless design suitable for both bald head and face shaving, it has a strong motor that turns up to 10500 RPM and a high capacity Lithium-ion battery for a powerful and continuous performance, the battery will give you 90 minutes of use off a single charge and takes two and a half hours to fully recharge. With CE certified 110-240V charge input you can charge the device Worldwide with varying voltages, it comes with a Euro two pin style plug, it has an LCD battery display which looks smart when activated. The Eagle Smart X has been created with an ergonomic grip, which naturally fits in your hand and lets you reach all areas of your head comfortably and lowers the risk of you missing a bit on the back of your head and looking like a mug in front of your mates, wife, or dog. There are five large blades that all flex independently from each other and run smoothly over the contours of your head and face, it catches the hairs no matter what directions its moving and can be used for either wet or dry shaving, however shaving gel is not recommended as it is too dense for the blades. The multidirectional shave significantly cuts down on the time it takes to get a silky-smooth finish and prevents nicks, cuts, and burns, for best results it is recommended the shaver is held between fingers and move around the area in small circular motions. The Eagle Smart X is easy to clean and comes with a rinse stand, the rinse stand itself is cheap and nasty but does the trick or you can bin it and just use a bowel of water, just run the shaver and dip the blades into the water and the blades will self-clean without the needs or any extra effort. The Eagle Smart X is comfortable and so easy to use, you won’t get a close shave like you would with a cut throat or manual razor, it comes with a protective case with an over the top ultra-masculine logo that comes across outdated and we have already mentioned the naff rinse stand but you can easily dump all that and just use the shaver. RRP £59.99

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3 out of 5


Easy to use

Flexible blades

Long battery life

Attractive LCD display

Multidirectional shaving

Silicone ergonomic grip


Cheap rinse stand

Ugly case

Can’t compete with cut throat or manual shave for closeness