My boss was reluctant to give me this piece as they knew it would trigger a rant about gendered products they didn’t want to sit through so close to lunch time, from man-sized tissues to “good girl” dog treats it is a pet peeve of mine, so I will keep it brief, when I’m shaving I do not need the product to be pink/purple (I could let the rose gold slide) with a lipstick logo and cutesy name to remind me that I am female; the media, society and my recent cervical screening has got that covered. The Butterfly Kiss Shaver Fierce Model comes with a bonus exfoliating brush attachment and has five rotary blades that can be used for both wet and dry shaving. The ergonomic handle lets you comfortably hold the shaver and reach all over your body with ease, the blades glide smoothly over the skin in all directions allowing you to move up/down and in circular motions without the risk of cuts, nicks or burns. It is recommended that the hair is at least 4mm in length to be efficiently cut by the blades and the IPX5 rating means it is 100% water resistant, allowing you to save a few minutes and use it in the shower.

The rechargeable battery provides 30 minutes of continuous cordless operation - the LED light indicator will display the battery level, letting you know when its needs recharging - but it can also be used whilst plugged in. It is easy to clean by simply immersing the blades into a rinse stand (sold separately) or in a bowl of warm water, then turn on for 10-15 seconds and its done.  The included exfoliating brush can be used to help clean skin, which feels nice but doesn’t add anything to the quality of the shave. You won’t get as close a shave as you would by using a razor but I found it kinder to the skin (especially in the arm pits) and still looked good even if it didn’t feel as good as a razor. If you are looking for a portable electric shaver then this could be just what you need, with a healthy battery life, ease of use and reasonably close shave, it’s a good choice. RRP $99.99

Current Cheapest Price

4.5 out of 5


30 mins continuous use

5 rotary blades on a flexible head

Compatible with all Pitbull, or Butterfly Kiss shaver blades and accessories

Exfoliating brush attachment included

Ergonomic grip

Comfortably glides over skin (less irritation)

LED battery life indicator


Colour/logo/name tacky